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Mission Day Eisenstadt

Welcome to our Community Website
for the Mission Day Eisenstadt!

Missionday Eisenstadt

Mission Day brings together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot.

Agents, we want to discover Eisenstadt. In collaboration with the City of Eisenstadt we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together.

You need to complete at least 12 Missions for the Badge. Checkout the Missions!

12 Missions (with parks) 12 Missions (without parks) 18 Missions
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Church of Joseph Haydn
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Konservatorium
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Leopoldine Temple
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Orangery
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Machinery Pond
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Haydn House Eisenstadt
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Esterházy Palace
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Jewish Quarter
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Evangelische Kirche
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Stadtmauer
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Domplatz
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Bourgeois houses
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Plague Column
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, City Hall Eisenstadt
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Landesregierung
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Martinkaserne
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Haydn‘s Herb Garden
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Kulturzentrum
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Kleinhöflein
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Gloriettewarte
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Hetscherlberg
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, St. Georgen
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Fachhochschule
  • MD 2018: Eisenstadt, Train station

Timetable MD: Eisenstadt

When? What?
09:30 - 11:00 Meet and Greet / Swag
Bergkirche Eisenstadt
11:00 Group Photo
Bergkirche Eisenstadt
from 14:00 Meetup / Swag Pick Up / Check In
Hotel Burgenland

QR-Code MD: Eisenstadt

Agent, please fill out this form. You need the QR-Code for the registration, when you have the required amount of Missions done.

Public Transport MD: Eisenstadt

3 Lines

On Saturday: 9am - 12:30pm and 1pm - 3 pm

Every 30 minutes

Single Ticket: 1 Euro, Dayticket: 2 Euro

Swag MD: Eisenstadt

Buy swag at the Meet & Greet and at the checkin

We have stamps for the Ingress Passport

Mosaics MD: Eisenstadt

Have fun with our Ingress Mosaics

Haydnkirche Eisenstadt

2 hours
7 km
120 Unique Visits

Haydnkirche Eisenstadt

2 hours
8 km
86 Unique Visits

Leopoldinentempel im Herbst

1.5 hours
5 km
71 Unique Visits

Schloss Eisenstadt Mosaik-Reihe

3 hours
12 km
79 Unique Visits

Schloss Esterhazy by night

3 hours
12 km
71 Unique Visits

Walk in a Fractal Garden

1 hours
3.5 km
34 Unique Visits

A Haydn Symphony

30 minutes
1.5 km
36 Unique Visits

ORF Long Night of Museums MD: Eisenstadt


Saturday, October 6th from 6 pm to 1 am, all over Austria, with just one ticket

Get your reduced ticket for 12 Euro at the Tourismusverband until 1pm and show them, that you are an Ingress Agent

more infos

Contact MD: Eisenstadt



Christian L. alias @Burli

Heidemarie U. alias @heidi308


Sabine L. alias @Xerdis

Dieter H. alias @chad2700